Q. Do chefs cook out on Labor Day? Four Austin chefs share tips and recipes
Miguel Ravago's chicken al adobo

Miguel Ravago's Adobo recado for roasted chicken


by Betsy Thaggard
photography by Jacquelyn Torbert

If a sample of four is enough for an answer, then yes, they do. We asked these brilliant local chefs to supply appropriate Labor Day recipes, along with their rundown of plans for September 1, and the responses were positive in every sense.

The recipes that follow were chosen for their ability to hold their freshness even if the cookout or picnic is several hours away. Skill levels range from blessedly simple to enticingly challenging. All rate multiple stars for flavor.

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Scott Roberts' pork chops and potato salad
Roget Mollett's Hummus

Scott Roberts' Driftwood pork chops and Fredericksburg potato salad
Photo by Robyn Eden

Roger Mollett's Black Bean Hummus with Herbed Pita Points

Patricia Bauer-Slate's Frangipane Torte

Patricia Bauer-Slate's Frangipane Torte