Random Writing
...and then, there's the rest
(a little of it, anyway).
Feature & News Writing
At Home with: Dan Rizzie
Best of Dallas
Born to Succeed: Johnson O'Connor
The Selling of USA

Fiction & Bye-ku
This I rarely share with the public, though one of my short stories, "Spring is Here," was published in a hardcover collection of Texas writers, The Children of This World, and a couple of haikus placed (first and honorable mention) in Breakup Girl's Valentine's Day Haiku Contest.

Other Nooks & Crannies
Hollywood: The Wonder Years (neighborhood news)
Jill St. James' Numerology Newsletter
Southwest Letter
The Lady of Ladonia (documentary intro)
Tribute to USA Film Festival founder G. William Jones (for festival program)

...though it wasn't writing, I created a whole bunch of sentences and other word fragments extemporaneously as Kelly Clarke, Radio Announcer (KZEW-FM, KLIF-AM and KMGC-FM, Dallas; KEXL-FM, San Antonio; and KWWC-FM, Columbia, Mo.).

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