Tech-writing resume here.

Active Paper
Presto!Links Reviewers' Guide (wrote)
Presto!Links User Guide (edited, rewrote)
Presto!Mail User Guide (edited, rewrote)

EDS and subsidiaries
Software training
Technical proposal series (edited)

IT Masters
User Guide: BEST/1 for HP OpenView ITO (for BMC; edited, rewrote)
User Guide: connectTEC for MAX/Enterprise (for BMC; edited, rewrote)
User Guide: Netfinity Manager Plus for Tivoli (for IBM; edited, rewrote)
User Guide: MasterCell Installation Guide (for IT Masters; wrote)

Motion Computing
Online User Guide (wrote, designed)
Printed peripherals documentation and placemat
Windows Help and Support Center customized content

Series 20000 Training Video (wrote)

General Magic
User Guide: Presto!Mail & Presto!Links (updated for GM)

Northern Telecom
CAPP product sheet (wrote)
HP9000 product sheet (wrote)

User Guide and Quick Start Guide: pennNET content management system (Vignette; wrote)
Editors' Guide for creating pennNET e-newsletters (wrote)

Trane Company
XV1800 Instruction Booklet (wrote)

U.S. Telephone
Switch Reports (wrote)

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