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Over the past 12 years at IBM, I've gotten around some.

Before IBM Design, before Smarter Planet and the homepage, I was promoted from my original job editing IBM Redbooks to marketing writer. That work caught the attention of one of the home page editors, who brought me onto the team to write homepage headlines. When Smarter Planet started to grow, I took on Smarter Cities and its related beats such as Smarter Care and Public Safety. Articles for IBM Research topics like Creek Watch and Battery 500. Pages for World Community Grid when they introduced new research projects. And I voiced and produced podcasts.

For five years, I managed the Smarter Planet home page, working closely with the best designer around to come up with creative ideas to bring Smarter Planet topics to our visitors' attention. One ad campaign used a series of unusual images from the artist Noma Bar, and my challenge was to write copy that brought the odder ones back down to earth. This page isn't quite as weird.

Here's what siteIQ thought of our work on Smarter Planet.

My last article for Smarter Planet, a profile of Phil Gilbert, pointed me to my next job. At IBM Design, most of my work involved editing, coaching and organizing media, but I did brush off my reporting chops to wrap up last summer's Product Leadership Summit.

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