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In Texas, August means the beginning of ragweed season. It peaks in September, and generally lasts through the end of the year.

Other nose ticklers coming around this month are sage, thistle, scrub elm and everybody's favorites, kochia and atriplex.

Even your dog cannot escape.Tell us how you (and your dog) feel when your favorite allergy season rolls around.

Welcome to August on the Allergy Site

As if you didn't have enough to tickle you, August is upon us. If life were fair, the heat would kill off the airborn allergens. Alas, see the green box to the right.

At least the worst of pigweed season is behind us.

Late-breaking food news

Here's a day-brightener for you if those summer fashions seem a little snug...

Talk back! Got an allergy rant? Even better, have some sympathetic words or advisories to share? Give us your all on our allergy comments board.

What would you like to see on this page? How can we help you? We won't give medical advice, but we can point you to people in the know. But you have to tell us first.


--Betsy Thaggard

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