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Food Allergies = Fat (sometimes)

Remember last week's accounting of food allergies? Here's another take that I didn't mention before.

According to the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine, controlling food allergies may help control body fat. In a Houston study, nearly (98 percent) everyone who eliminated the foods they were allergic to lost an average of three pounds of fat in a month, and gained a pound of muscle.

"When some people eat certain foods, they experience an allergiclike reaction," says Gilbert Kaats, director of the Health and Medical Research Foundation in San Antonio and principal investigator of the study.

"But instead of getting a rash or going into anaphylactic shock, their appetite and food cravings increase."

Want proof? Somewhere around here, I have before-and-after pictures from my first, three-month attempt at the allergy rotation diet. (Hint: In the "before" photo, I'm slumped inside an oversized t-shirt. I'm wearing a bathing suit in the "after" shot.)

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