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This mite be more than you want to know. An ounce of dirt can contain more than 40,000 dust mites. Wanna see Ďem dance?

In a recent Louis Harris poll, 45 percent of allergy sufferers compare their mood during allergy season to that of a "crawling snail." I would have chosen the category "salted slug." Tell us how you feel when your favorite allergy season rolls around.

According to one translation source, sinus is Latin for "sewer."

Our good pal Jeff May informs us: "Common house dust mites, of which there are several species, live on human skin scales and mold, though I understand that they can be raised in the lab on cat food."


Welcome to our allergy page

If you and nature star in your own version of The Itchy and Scratchy Show (co-starring Sneezy, Dopey and Grumpy), this page is for you. Itís created by a card-carrying hyper-immunity case, so read it at your own risk.

Weíre planning ahead.

OK, "card-carrying" may be a little extreme. But information is the best defense, so I hope youíll find plenty of weaponry here in your battle against allergies.

In weeks to come, Iíll talk about my own experiences ad nauseum, and throw in the advice of some experts, too.

Keep your nose clean.

Waking up with a clear head isnít just about temperance. We learn here how family chatter helped my sister reduce her kleenex budget.

Talk back! Got a favorite home remedy when pollens strike? Give us your tips and tricks on our allergy comments board.

This site is designed to be practical and useful and a way to earn myself some of those ubiquitous Web awards. What would you like to see here? E-mail me. And drop in again soon!

--Betsy Thaggard

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