this is raw copy for a series of brochures
written for Northern Telecom in 1995.

Northern Telecom introduces the end of complex, expensive
applications management.
The Cellular Application Performance Platform.

As growing cellular systems advanced into large, complex networks, the market demanded sophisticated systems for fraud and real-time billing, programs for efficient network management, and powerful tools for system performance.

Operational Support Services (OSS) packages emerged to meet these needs. So did a problem of proprietary nature.

Each OSS required its own specific platform that could only run its own application. This inflexibility meant investing in and maintaining multiple platforms to keep up with ever-growing needs. Upgrading was expensive and time-consuming -- when possible at all -- and became more complicated with each new application.

Until now.

CAPP provides a single, common platform that simplifies multiple-applications management by consolidating proprietary platforms. CAPP exponentially simplifies network configurations and creates operational savings through increased revenue, decreased fraud losses and improved system performance.

  • The LAN can pull selected information for logs and reports. Call Detail Records (CDR) are transferred electronically in real-time, eliminating the loading, dumping and shipping of tapes. If billing tapes are required, a tape drive is available on CAPP.
  • All switch operational data, which is stored in a SYBASE relational database, is accessible via LAN or WAN in a centralized data node, minimizing datalinks between applications and switches, and minimizing the impact of Batch Change Supplement (BCS) upgrades on applications.
  • CDR Search Software enables on-line, usually instant problem resolution, resulting in 50% to 100% reduction of trouble logs and associated labor.
  • For the first time, simultaneous, real-time billing streams are available for multiple applications (such as billing, credit limits and fraud detection). Without CAPP, each application requires its own separate request for real-time billing data and maintenance information.

Configuration. A standard Hewlett-Packard 9000 Series 800 server equipment operates with a UNIX software package developed by HP specifically for Northern Telecom. A single CAPP can support data collection for as many as eight switches.

Configuration benefits include single platform investment, customized support, a smooth upgrade process and single technical support contact.

  • Centralized maintenance through application-interface consolidation in the MIS room reduces hardware, software and facilities costs. A single CAPP can support as many as eight switches, and additional CAPP servers can be added quickly and easily to expand capacity.
  • Relational databases let you to create customized spreadsheets for selected reporting and analysis.
  • The open system allows vendor competition for third-party applications software, which increases functionality and reduces cost. Northern Telecom works with third-party application vendors to integrate with the CAPP interface and other applications for:
      • Real-Time Billing
      • Customer Account Management
      • Credit and Rental Billing Services
      • Fraud Detection
      • System Performance Analysis
      • Fault Management and Maintenance
      • Network Management
      • Customer Service Administration
  • CAPP architecture requires that only relational databases be updated; specific software applications do not require changes for each new Northern Telecom software load. Adding new applications has never been simpler or more efficient.
  • Northern Telecom will be the first point of contact for all CAPP service and support and will contact HP directly if necessary.

Flexibility. CAPP owes its flexibility to its three-tiered architecture, which uses the latest industry technology to isolate OSS software applications from proprietary DMS-MTX switch interfaces and software.

  • Tier One: CAPP draws Call Detail Records (CDRs), Operational Measurements (OMs) and Event Logs from one or more DMS-MTX switches and stores them in logical form in large relational databases. CAPP can process 500,000 CDRs per hour, or about 140 records per second.
  • Tier Two: Through the open interface's various access servers residing on this tier, third-party OSS applications can obtain system information stored in the Tier One relational databases through
    • acquisition of data through the real-time pipeline for real-time billing and fraud detection,
    • data access using Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) techniques such as for high-performance, custom OEM software for fixed, specific applications, or
    • general data access using a third-party package, usually for ad hoc, individual queries.
  • Tier Three: This external tier contains third-party OSS applications operating on the individual hardware platforms of your choice.

With CAPP -- only with CAPP -- you benefit from Northern Telecom's unique experience, support and thrust in an open, single-system approach.

It's time to streamline your multiple-applications management.
It's time for CAPP from Northern Telecom.

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