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written for Northern Telecom in 1995.

HP 9000 Business Servers
A Tradition of High Performance

Northern Telecom and Hewlett-Packard 9000 Business Servers. A formidable partnership that leverages vast communications experience with an unsurpassed computing environment. Quality, performance, and attractive turnkey solutions to satisfy your telecommunications needs.

Performance and Scalability. HP 9000 Business Servers provide a powerful, flexible computing environment to best address your critical business issues. More than 30 base server configuration-performance combinations are available, ranging from 50 transactions per second (tps) to more than 2000 tps.

Only Hewlett-Packard can provide this range of proven commercial performance scalability and standards-based industry compatibility on a UNIX system.HP delivers with single system solutions for easier manageability than our competitors’ complex system cluster solutions. This focus has positioned HP as the number-one supplier of UNIX-based systems in the world.

Technology Leadership. As the first major systems vendor to strategically embrace Open Systems and Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC), HP has established a solid track record, and its reputation for delivering top-quality, cost-effective systems continues to grow.

All HP 9000 Business Servers are based on HP's industry-leading Precision Architecture (PA-RISC) technology. Introduced in 1986 and now in its seventh generation, PA-RISC has consistently delivered top price/performance solutions to HP 9000 customers. In fact, the combination of the PA-RISC architecture and the HP-UX operating system has averaged well over 60 percent performance improvement each year.

While other RISC architectures have been designed primarily for engineering technological applications, PA-RISC was created for both commercial and technical applications. Delivering the industry's best-tuned instruction set for database applications, PA-RISC technology can provide a business with the highest performance possible at very competitive prices.

Other distinct advantages of PA-RISC include the use of low-cost CMOS VLSI chip technologies that enable the CPU, memory controller and I/O controller to be integrated onto a single chip. The benefits are reduced costs, maximized performance and increased reliability. For example, HP's PA-7100LC CPU uses one-third the number of transistors as the Intel Pentium CPU, yet provides an average of 60 percent higher performance based on the SPEC benchmark suites. PA-RISC has an unmatched record for investment protection and providing forward compatibility to each successive generation of systems, all at unmatched price and performance.

Excellent Availability for Business-Critical Systems. At its foundation, HP's industry-leading, highly reliable HP 9000 Business Servers dramatically increase reliability. With average mean time between failures (MTBF) for systems at more than three years and uptime typically exceeding 99.8 percent, HP 9000 Business Servers keep your business running smoothly.

When emergencies arise, HP PowerTrust Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) protect the system processing unit and associated peripherals for at least 15 minutes, permitting smooth shutdown and automatic restart. HP’s intensive and thorough testing of HP-UX before each major release further contributes to the trust you can place in these systems.

HP's strategic data availability solutions build further on this base:

  • HP disk arrays allow uninterrupted access to data in the event of a disk failure. A failed disk drive may be replaced online and the data automatically restored to the new drive without user interruption.
  • HP MirrorDisk/UX prevents data loss by maintaining or mirroring as many as three copies of data on separate disks. Data is still accessible after any single disk or controller failure.
  • HP ALLBASE/Replicate and other RDBMS vendors provide database replication capabilities by keeping copies of up-to-date distributed data available at multiple sites.

Each of these capabilities is transparent to the application software running on the system.

For applications requiring nearly continuous uptime, HP SwitchOver/UX enables you to run mission-critical applications on a primary system while a standby system, which can also be used for less-critical applications, monitors the primary system's health. If the primary system should fail, the standby system takes over automatically. A single standby system can monitor up to seven primary systems.

Designed to Grow. HP's commitment to object-code compatibility and simple hardware board upgrades provide industry-leading investment protection. The use of standardized peripheral interfaces also protects your investment in disk drives, tape drives and printers. Your company can grow through the HP 9000 product family without changing architectures or rewriting applications.

In addition to top performance and unmatched scalability, HP 9000 Business Servers offer other significant advantages:

  • A broad range of configurability and expandability options
  • Desktop-to-Data Center object-code compatibility
  • Balanced Uniprocessor and SMP performance
  • Support for thousands of commercial applications

Whether you’re building a distributed-computing enterprise consisting of separate application and database servers, or you’re faced with the challenge of streamlining mainframe environment costs without sacrificing performance, you’ll find an HP 9000 Business Server that meets your cellular operations needs.

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